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but what if zayn unfavorited the pics of harry because harry openly supports israel 

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Alcohol vs marijuana



the what makes you beautiful laughing audio is going to play as they lower my dead body into the grave


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when harry and zayn were fighting in that twitcam back in like 2010 and louis and liam tried to distract people watching by saying the xfactor tour was starting and then you hear zayn calling harry a miserable twat in the background and you hear harry throw a shoe or some shit at zayn…that’s when i knew i shipped zarry

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❝Yes, Zayn, I love you.❞  +
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the day your life went down hill
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"I could’ve died right there, because the thought of living without someone you love is like a pair of giant hands pressing around your heart, making it smaller and smaller, until you are left with only a memory of warmth."You have seven messages (via cutmyheartmakemebleed)

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Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis.


Walk straight in, don’t get involved with people outside because there’s fans outside and you don’t want to look like a fan

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Niall has been the glue that held this train wreck together for four fucking years.

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